The Last Two Races

by Lindslay Levin

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow is the very last day Americans will have the chance to vote in this hard-fought and historic race for the Democratic nomination. Every vote we receive in South Dakota and Montana will help us add to our popular vote total. Every vote helps us make our case that I am our party's strongest candidate in November.

Nearly 18 million people have stood with us -- the most votes cast for a candidate in the history of presidential primaries in either party. We've defied the skeptics and answered an important question: Which candidate best represents the will of the people?

Now, one day before the final two contests, I am calling on you to dig deep and help us win every last vote we can win in South Dakota and Montana. We are in the middle of an all-out push to get out the vote, and every dollar you give right now will help us get voters to the polls and win the nomination.

Contribute today to help us get out the vote in South Dakota and Montana.

Together, you and I have celebrated a string of incredible victories. We've made history by giving every American a chance to have a say in this race.

We've won the key swing states that will decide the race in November -- and yes, that includes Florida and Michigan. Most important, we've won the most votes. There is no more powerful way to prove that I am our best chance to win in November.

That's why I am asking you to stand with me today. And I promise you, as I always have, that if you stand up for me now, I will stand up for you every day in the White House.

Contribute today and help me win the nomination.

I am so proud of the journey you and I have taken together, and of everything we have accomplished along the way. Tomorrow night, we'll count the final votes. Today, let's keep fighting.

Thank you,


Hillary Rodham Clinton



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