HUBdate: Leading The Popular Vote

by Howard Wolfson, Communications Director
6/2/2008 11:07:45 AM

Leading the Popular Vote: According to Real Clear Politics, Hillary’s popular vote lead over Sen. Obama has grown with her Puerto victory last night. She has won 17,916,763 votes compared to 17,723,200 for Sen. Obama when every state that has already voted is included in the tally. Read more.

Victory In Puerto Rico: Hillary won the Democratic primary in Puerto Rico yesterday, capturing 68% of the vote to Sen. Obama’s 32%. Read Hillary’s remarks at the victory celebration here.

Automatic Delegate Watch: Louisiana Democratic State Party Chair and automatic delegate Chris Whittington announced his support for Hillary Clinton today saying: “There is no question that she is the strongest Democrat to go toe-to-toe with John McCain in a general election. It is our responsibility as automatic delegates to choose the candidate we believe best fit to beat Senator McCain. That candidate is Senator Clinton.”

On the Air in SD and MT: The Clinton campaign began airing a 30-second spot statewide in South Dakota and Montana, highlighting Hillary's lead in the popular vote: “Tuesday, it's up you. You can join over 17 million people who've voted for a leader to fix the economy. 17 million for a Commander in Chief to bring our troops home from Iraq. 17 million who want to beat John McCain. 17 million Americans have voted for Hillary Clinton, more than for any primary candidate in history. Some say there isn't a single reason for Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee. They're right. There are over 17 million of them." Over 17 million Americans have voted for Hillary Clinton, earning her more votes than anyone in the history of Democratic primaries.” View here.

SD Endorsement Watch: “In a clear display of momentum two days before the primary and on the heels of multiple visits by Hillary, Chelsea and President Clinton, the Clinton campaign in South Dakota today announced the endorsement of 17 county commissioners. These commissioners, who are endorsing Hillary because of her commitment to South Dakota, have been helping the campaign’s efforts in their counties and spreading the word about why Hillary Clinton is best prepared to be President.” Read more.

Celebrating Gay Pride Month: In a statement on Sunday, Hillary recognized June as Gay Pride Month and stressed her commitment to the LGBT community: “America deserves a President who appeals to the best in each of us, not the worst; a President who values and respects all Americans and treats all Americans equally no matter who they are or who they love. That is truly the promise of America.”

Previewing Today: Hillary hosts “Solutions For Securing South Dakota’s Future” events in Rapid City, Yankton, and Sioux Falls. In Sioux Falls, she will be joined by former President Bill Clinton and her daughter Chelsea.

On Tap: The Clinton campaign today announced that Hillary would celebrate tomorrow’s election night in New York, NY.



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