Today in Puerto Rico

by Lindsay Levin
6/1/2008 6:51:15 PM

Hillary just sent out the following message:

Dear Friend,

Another big win! Today in Puerto Rico, the voters spoke with a powerful voice to say that this race is not over yet. And thanks to your support, we're celebrating another great victory.

When all the votes in Puerto Rico are counted, our popular vote lead will be even bigger. More than 17 million people have cast their ballots for our campaign, more votes than any candidate has received in the history of the Democratic Party. Now there can be no doubt: the people have spoken and you have chosen your candidate. We are winning the popular vote.

Every time the pundits count us out -- every time they declare the race over -- you, the voters, send a clear message that you have another idea. And you and I just keep winning races together.

Now there are just two contests left, the final primaries in South Dakota and Montana. I know I can rely on your support for these last two races, just as I have throughout the campaign.

Thank you so much for everything,

Hillary Rodham Clinton



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